Who is Charlee Amani

That is one hell of a question.

I’m a girl who was forced into adulthood against my will. I still hold a very impressive grudge against that little fact to this very day.

My life story is considered intriguing by some, and for others, it’s simply the story of a brown individual coming from the slums and wreaking marvelous havoc on the world.

Being a brown girl is a very important attribute that I possess, but it doesn’t completely characterize me as an individual. In effect, everything I write here isn’t just for brown women wanting to brave the world. These stories I plan to share are for anyone with obstacles they wish to overcome.

I digress.

Who Am I?

In this present moment, I am a woman making extremely rash decisions without much consideration for tomorrow. I am traveling the world with hopes of finding direction and showing others that being different isn’t a crime. I yearn to aid in diminishing unfair stereotypes, and I want to learn everything I can firsthand whilst enjoying my youth before it escapes me. I travel the world for the world, and most importantly, I do it for you.

Sappy, I know, but I am passionate about showing you the road less traveled.

Cross my heart and hope to die.

My life is on the line here!

I am Charlee. I am the girl with the deep, dark past and wild spirit. I am the girl with fear and courage. I am the girl who is stubborn and ambitious. I am the girl with lazy tendencies and abnormal levels of energy. I am the girl who is sad for the world and full of passion for life. I am a girl. I am a brown woman, and I am here.

Now, that you have been freed from the anaphoras above, go check out what my blog has to offer. I’m sure there are a few things here…just for you!

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